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Pioneering Production and Delivery Solutions to Address the Complexities of Cell Therapy
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Christina Yi, Chief Operations Officer, Dendreon

Regardless of your industry, one of the most exciting and sometimes scary aspects of creating something that has never existed before is determining where and how to begin the process – as well as how to evolve and maintain the relevancy of...

Software-Driven Systems for the Pharmaceutical Industry
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ERP software system is enabling the pharmacists to easily reconcile and procure medications from various sources. FREMONT, CA: The pharmaceutical industry is transforming at a rapid rate. Software programs are facilitating the environment that...

The Significance of Robust ERP in the Pharma Sector
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The incorporation of ERP is vital for pharmaceutical companies, as it not only ensures alignment with compliance regulations but also enhances productivity. FREMONT, CA – The technological evolutions in the pharmaceutical sector have led...

Technology: The Biggest Challenge and Opportunity
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Nolan Bennett, VP & CIO, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Americas

From Technology-Focused to Business-Aligned Over the last year, Teva started to globalize the company and IT was one of the first functions to become a cohesive global function. In the Americas, we’re transforming from a very technology...

Life Sciences: Macro View
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Rajeev Nair, CIO, J. Knipper & Company

In Pharma, as R&D budgets come under heavy pressure, industry continues to be fraught with M&A aimed at product and patent acquisition. So integration continues to be a key concern to gain efficiencies and develop a single, unified...

Transforming the Chemical Industry with Innovative Technology
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Ray Carr, SVP Operations, Linde Americas

How do you see the benefits of cloud computing for the Chemical industry, and how have you embraced it? Cloud computing has really transformed the speed and agility with which a company such as Linde is able to respond to the challenges we face...

Analytics Process Improvement
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Mark Ziemianski, VP-Business Analytics, Children’s HealthSM

With the proliferation of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems across the healthcare industry over the last decade, healthcare institutions now have more data (and data mining tools) at their fingertips...

From Robotics to Big Data, What the Future Holds for Manufacturing
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Karl Rosenblum, Head, Global Capacity and Risk Strategy, Alcon

One of my favorite quotes by science fiction writer William Gibson is, “The future is here, it’s just unevenly distributed.” When looking across new developments in manufacturing technologies, this sentiment seems to hold truth,...

Digitizing the Life Sciences Value Chain
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Andrea Fiumicelli, Vice President and General Manager, CSC Healthcare & Life Sciences

The healthcare and life sciences industry is undergoing a wholesale transformation. In every corner of the world, healthcare and life sciences companies — which include pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers —face...

Innovative Prediction Tools with Real-World Data
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Big Data is a big name, too often confusing and misused, but it must never be ignored that in recent years, the data available to users has become more diverse and complex than ever before, both structured and unstructured, proven from...

Techniques To Forge Intelligent Supply Chain Planning System
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Supply chain planning (SCP) is essential for businesses across all verticals. An intelligent SCP is fruitful for revenue and customer service models. Businesses thrive when their SCP is well revised and for the same numerous efforts are put....

Progression of Supply chain with technology
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The whole network of the organizations, resources, individuals and technology involved in the creation and sale of a product, from the delivering raw materials from the supplier to the manufacturer, transforming these materials into intermediate...

Use Cases of Blockchain Technology for Innovative ERP Solutions
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According to a DOMO’s report, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day, and with the advent of IoT devices, the amount of data generated is expected to increase by leaps and bounds in the coming years. With this amount of data,...

Smart Infrastructure for Supply Chain Management
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Daniel Cavallin, CIO, Celistics

The term “logistics” has its roots in the Roman military, but when we talk about “supply chain”, it is a relatively new term, dating back to the 1980s. It is essential to understand the concept first before innovating or...

Five Reasons Not to Move to the Cloud
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Neal Wright, CIO, On Lok

Today’s cloud providers and data centers continue to push technology to new heights. Without the demand to manage rows and rows of servers and the demand to host millions of Twitter or Instagram accounts, such amazing technology simply would...

Celgene BI Solution Drives Analytics, Compliance and Reporting
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Joanne Beck, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Global Pharmaceutical Development & Operations, Celgene Corporation

The highly-regulated nature of the pharmaceutical industry – coupled with historically siloed organizational models and mergers and acquisitions that introduce disparate operational and IT systems to the enterprise – often presents...

The Evolution of Talent
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William Mayo, CIO, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

At a world-class research institute like the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, talent is explicitly our core strength. Talent, and its near cousin intellectual property, are not only our greatest assets but essentially our only assets....

Advanced Therapies for Patients Suffering from PAH
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Shola Oyewole, CIO, United Therapeutics Corporation

I am an information systems professional of 30 years, having worked in several industries including technology, education, non-profit, government, news media, and consulting. I currently serve as CIO for United Therapeutics (UT), a biotechnology...

Digitizing the Life Sciences Value Chain
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Andrea Fiumicelli, VP and General Manager, CSC Healthcare & Life Sciences

The healthcare and life sciences industry is undergoing a wholesale transformation. In every corner of the world, healthcare and life sciences companies—which include pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers—face...

The "Cloud First" Approach to Life Sciences
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Sunil Anand, CIO, Jubilant Pharma

Traditionally, financial services and pharmaceutical organizations are not early adopters of the cloud. Just over 5 years ago, one would see frowns and dismissive eyes, when cloud vendors would present their value proposition. The world has...